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We have a new shipping service for our customers all over the world. DHL Express promises a delivery time of up to 2 days, whether to Canada, Japan, Indonesia or Australia. We ship OMS diving accessories all over the world with DHL Express.

Delivery to Namibia with DHL Express - - DHL Express International

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How can I get my ordered items in 2 days with DHL Express.

Deliveries worldwide have always been a challenge. Customers order OMS diving accessories in the dive shop: and of course want to receive the ordered items as quickly as possible. For the area of Germany and Europe this is not a problem. Deliveries rarely take longer than 2-3 days with DHL Paket or DPD shipping service.

But what about our ever-growing international customers who are located all over the world. Delivery with DHL Standard Paket is also possible here. The shipping price for a standard DHL package is €9.90 in Europe - €23 worldwide.

DHL Express delivers worldwide in 2 days. We work with DHL Express to offer the service to our customers. A standard size (OMS diving accessories, OMS diving wing systems; or diving equipment) costs - shipping costs DHL Express 34 € - 48 €. (Except diving bottles or large deliveries - shipping costs on request)< /p>

Thanks to our customers all over the world who support us - thanks to our OMS divers ! - Tracking - Send receipt - delivers diving accessories in up to 2 days worldwide.

It is still possible to receive ordered goods with DHL or DPD shipping service standard 9.90€ Europe or 23€ for shipping worldwide. The shipping service DHL Express has the service of delivery - Europe area 1-2 days or delivery worldwide 2 days. In addition, DHL Express delivers all shipments from the place of dispatch to the customer and the customer has the option of tracking the shipment from day one using a tracking number.

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