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Two different OMS back pads - which one is the right one?

These OMS back pads are the perfect complement to your backplate. They ensure that you get maximum comfort and support when diving. The cushions are available in two different versions, so you can find the perfect back pad for your individual needs. They have a soft, breathable layer that helps you reduce the pressure on the back. These OMS back pads are made of high-quality materials that ensure a long service life. With the OMS back pads you get maximum support and comfort when diving!

1. OMS back cushion with lead pockets 4x1Kg on the back

The OMS cushion for the backplate is pulled directly over the backplate. It has four lead pockets on the back that positively influence the underwater trim. It is also very good when traveling, as you can borrow the lead on site for it. The OMS back cushion also has a pocket inside, which can be used for storing buoys or lifting bags.

2. OMS back cushion with backplate screws set

The back cushion has the advantage that it is attached to the OMS backplate with screws. As a result, it has no trim pockets on the back. The advantage of this OMS Back Pad for backplate is that additional holders for dry suit filling sets or holders for tank lamps can be attached here.

Find the right OMS Back Pad for your diving system. Different designs for different applications. Do you need help - use our support.


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