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How much can reliable diving equipment cost?

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

A good question ? We are asked this question again and again at dismantling, trade fairs or on the service telephone.


What price do I have to pay to get good reliable diving equipment?

Counter question - What are you willing to spend? Where do you want to dive with your diving equipment? How often do you plan to dive ? Above all, how would you like to dive? A consultation - a good consultation should answer all these questions.

The price of good diving equipment can vary greatly. You can get a simple but good travel wing for around €660.00. It should be very light and take up little space in your luggage. In addition, it must be very stable in order to be able to access it without restriction on vacation - far away from home. Seams that open or burst under stress are unacceptable.

OMS IQ Lite with a 27lbs wing bladder. (12.5kg) or 32lbs. (14.5Kg) Buoyancy.

The OMS IQ Liste can be dived with an aluminum or stainless steel backplate.

WITHOUT a back plate, it is also possible without restrictions.

OMS belt buckle, D rings and belt stoppers are made of aluminium.

The OMS wing system weighs under 3kg.

OMS stainless steel backplate weighs 2.8kg, OMS aluminum backplate weighs 0.8kg.

The OMS Reisewing has two bottle straps and is therefore suitable for mono bottles up to 15L.

In the next BLOG we will focus on the OMS harness systems. differences and advantages.

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