Diving socks made from alpaca wool

Alpaca wool socks for warm feet when diving

Alpaca wool is a very high quality type of wool and has the ability to compensate for temperature differences. The hollow fibers in the alpaca fleece store heat.

There is no other natural fiber that has these properties. Synthetic fibers that mimic these properties are not nearly as effective and have to be made much thicker to get the warmth effect. Thicker material is not beneficial for diving because it generates unwanted buoyancy during dry diving.

Alpaca fleece / alpaca wool / natural hollow fiber is ideal as a heat store and insulation during dry diving. We offer alpaca diving socks and alpaca undergloves. We accompany the production of the alpaca fleece from the rearing of the alpacas to the finished product. That is why we know the quality characteristics of wool firsthand. The alpacas that we use for the production of the undergloves and diving socks are selected alpacas with a very high alpaca fleece quality.

Diving socks made from alpaca wool

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