DUI shoulder weight belt system Weight & Trim


Take the weight off your back and increase your diving comfort with the DUI Weight & Trim ™ system . The harness allows you to comfortably carry up to 18kg and lets you adjust the weights up and down, fore and aft so you can place your weights exactly where you want them.
DUI's patented system uses a pull cord system that secures the weight pockets. A large, easy-to-grip handle can be pulled to unload the weights.

Sizes: S, M, L

Features and Benefits:
The diver can drop half the weights at once. Since the weights are attached to a lanyard, the weights can be held away from the body as soon as the handle is pulled. The DUI Weight & Trim System can be worn under almost any BC and is perfect for diving with a wetsuit and dry suit.

DUI shoulder weight belt system Weight & Trim



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