original Miflex Schlauch

Miflex regulator hoses are diving hoses that establish a connection between the 2nd stage regulator (mouthpiece and the 1st stage (on the diving cylinder).

Miflex regulator hoses are a very safe connection. They have an outer fabric layer made of nylon and the inner tube made of silicone. The inner tube is the actual tube and the nylon protective layer acts as protection against external injuries. This means that the Miflex regulator hose remains very flexible even under pressure and in cold water.

Miflex regulator hoses are available with two connections. The decisive factor is which connection has the 1st stage of the regulator. Most diving regulators have a 3/8 "connection. This is the smaller connection. But regulators can also have a 1/2" connection. Then please select this one.

We only sell original Miflex hoses for diving!

Miflex regulator hose



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