OMS Airestream Evoque regulator set

OMS Airestream Evoque Set - the complete regulator 1. and 2. stage - optionally with octopus


OMS Airstream 1st stage


The OMS 1. stage Airestream is a high-performance stage for extreme use underwater.


The OMS AirStream high performance first stage was developed to optimize the hose routing. It has 2 high pressure and 4 low pressure connections. The development of special high pressure connections angled at 45 degrees keeps the pressure gauge closer to the diver's hip. The 30 degree angled low pressure ports help ensure optimal trim by routing hoses so that they go right over the diver's shoulders. The compact design of the Evoque second stage paired with the Airstream delivers a work of breath (WOB) of .8 joules per liter. OMS designed this system to maximize airflow by simply creating larger passages that allow the diver excellent inhalation and exhalation. It is also CE certified according to the EN250 European standard. This regulator is suitable for divers of all skill levels.


OMS Evoque 2. stage


The OMS Evoque 2. stage offers excellent breathing comfort that is second to none.


2. stage Evoque

  • Balanced
  • Breathing resistance continuously adjustable . No overturning and therefore no damage to the valve seat possible (adjusting wheel runs into a ratchet)
  • Infinitely adjustable air delivery rate
  • Ausatemmenbran can also be cleaned while diving using a removable inspection flap (e.g. octopus lying in the mud)




1. OMS Airstream Evoque (1. stage PVD coated and 2nd stage black, connected with 60cm Miflex hose black


2. OMS Airstream Evoque (1. stage PVD coated and 2. stage black, incl. Octopus yellow) connected with a Miflex hose 60cm black and a 1.50cm Miflex hose yellow


3. OMS Airstream Evoque (2x 1. stage PVD coating and 2x 2. stage black with Miflex hose 56cm and 2.10m black)

OMS Airestream Evoque regulator set

OMS regulator set

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