OMS SmartStream Harness with Deep Ocean 2.0

OMS SmartStream Harness with Deep Ocean 2.0

The SmartStream Signature is equipped with a DIR style endless belt with our quick adjustment system for easy on and off the shoulder straps. It includes weight pockets - one standard pocket and one with a utility pocket for masks or SMBs, both with a detachable D-ring, a molded, soft back pad with 4 x 1kg integrated trimweight pockets on the back and 2 bottle straps. The fuel lamp canister holder and D-ring on the left hip are added as non-installed options and allow the switch from the single to the double tank configuration. Choose between steel or aluminum backplates and matching hardware (D-rings and belt buckle). Including 2 "quickly adjustable crotch strap with 2 D-rings. The OMS Smartstream Signature System offers you a complete package for diving with single or double cylinders in total control and comfort.

The OMS backplate is manufactured in a forged process and then polished so that you no longer have to worry about sharp edges or wear on the belt strap, wing or other things.

The Deep Ocean 2.0 Hybrid Wing is made in donut style with internal bungees and can be used with single or double tanks! It has an inflator tube that connects to an elbow connector (non-OPV) that is uniquely placed in the upper left position. At the top right there is a pressure relief valve with an adjustable cord on a button. There are two drain and pressure relief valves on the front lower left and right sides. In addition to the built-in single tank adapter, a tank protection strap with Velcro is attached. The outer bladder of the wing is made of 1000 denier nylon on the outside and a TPU-laminated liner on the inside to prevent punctures, cracks or damage from salt water or chlorine. The inner bladder is made of polyurethane material and the seams are ultrasonically welded. The water drainage nozzles at the bottom of the wing are reinforced with a second ring of material to eliminate potential weak points for wear and tear. The wing is designed for use with a monotank or a double tank system and has an adjustable buoyancy capacity of ~ 20 kg (45 lbs) - ~ 27 kg (60 lbs) by simply adjusting the internal bungees and comes in multiple colors available.

OMS SmartStream Harness with Deep Ocean 2.0


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