OMS Deep Ocean Wing 2.0

The OMS Deep Ocean Wing 2.0 has internal retraction bands. The retraction straps (tension straps) can be adjusted so that buoyancy of 22.2 kg - 27.2 kg can be generated. Thus, the OMS Wingbladder 2.0 is suitable for diving from mono and double bottles.

The OMS Deep Ocean Wing 2.0 is a wing that can be used for almost all configurations. The corrugated tube can be used on the right or left. There are also three quick drains (1x above and 2x below) on the wing.

The outer bladder of the wing is made of 1000 denier nylon on the outside and a TPU-laminated liner on the inside to prevent punctures, cracks or damage from salt water or chlorine. The inner bladder is made of polyurethane material and the seams are ultrasonically welded. The water drainage spouts at the bottom of the wing are reinforced with a second material ring.


  • Internal bungees provide volumes from 22.2 kg to 27.2 kg
  • OMS Deep Ocean 2.0 in donut style
  • 3 quick drains (1x above and 2x below)
  • Material: Outside 1000 denier nylon, inside polyurethane
  • Ultrasonic welded seams - very robust and durable
  • Can be used with single bottles and double tanks

OMS Deep Ocean Wing 2.0

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